Young Ja Yoon

Young Ja Yoon was born in Seoul, Korea in 1941 and grew up on a farm in the countryside. She earned a BFA at the Fine Art College of Seoul National University in 1964. After marrying and having two children her family moved to New York City in 1975. She has taught art at a high school in Seoul, as well as Korean language. She teaches Saturday and Sunday art classes in New York City and at the Korean branch of the YWCA in Queens.

Artist Young Ja Yoon’s work featured at Carter Burden Gallery is inspired by her childhood experiences during the Korean War. Her series of Earth toned color field paintings embody the importance and necessity of food, shelter, and love. Yoon describes two grueling years fighting extreme cold, heat, and hunger until her family was able to return to their small farming village. She states, “Finally, the war was over and my family was together again. We were no longer hungry and cold. We could never forget the importance of soil in our life.” 

 She has exhibited at many galleries in New York and Seoul including: Phoenix Gallery, Ward Nasse Gallery, Han Kook Gallery, 80WSE Gallery, The Nassau County Museum, and Shin Shigae Gallery. 



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September 20 - October 11, 2018
Song for the Soil