Sylvia Harnick

Sylvia Harnick, born in New York City, is an artist and poet. She taught for four years before she discovered her “true vocation.” She earned a BA from Brooklyn College and studied at the New School, the Brooklyn Museum, Nassau County Museum of Art, and the C.W. Post campus of LIU with Robert Yasuda.

In a review of “Winter Selections” at the Alpan Gallery, Huntington, NY, Helen Harrison of the New York Times wrote,  “Sylvia Harnick’s  Re/ Bounded Memories allows the viewer to peek beneath the surface by peeling away successive layers of paint, the way a weathered wall documents its own history.” Harnick feels that when she enters her studio a sense of calmness followed by anticipation comes over her. “I sit on my step stool chair, allow time to pass, observe my work, make mental notes, feel a stirring, usually proceed to mix a new color or if a canvas is raw, start that first coat of gesso. I allow my painting to take me along, follow the path in which it leads me. I am there with my memories, experiences, to inform me. I am there whole in the moment.”

Harnick’s work has been shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions at galleries in New York, California, Texas, New Mexico, and Oregon, among others. Her work is also in many public and private collections including Citibank, Islip Museum, Fine Arts Museum of LI, and Queensborough Community College. She is a member of the National Association Women Artists,  Society of Layerists in Multimedia, National League of American Pen Women, as poet and artist. Harnick’s poetry has been published in  “Toward Forgiveness,” an anthology of Poems (2010), PPA Literary Review (2009, 2010, 2011), and local publications.



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December 7 - 21, 2017
Holiday Bazaar

March 2 - 23, 2017
Changing Patterns

July 28, 2016
8 x 8 x 100