September 4 to 25, 2014

Karen Green Recor: Transitions
Arnold Wechsler: The Door Closed and Open
Liz Curtin: On the Wall

Karen Green Recor

In her first solo show at the Gallery, Transitions, Karen Green Recor’s love of the physical process of abstract painting and use of diverse materials to construct and deconstruct a painting's surface are evident in every brushstroke in her ethereal paintings. Recor’s process is a conduit through which she explores concepts concerning time, place and idea in her work.  Her use of sensuous color, luscious texture, evocative line and unique form contribute to the transitions that result in a liberating a deeply intuitive and meditative experience. 


Arnold Wechsler

Arnold Wechsler’s solo show in the East Gallery will showcase several series of the artist’s work that explore the artist’s interests in creating work with recurring shapes and motifs. In juxtaposition to the repetitive elements, the hand of the artist is deeply felt, imparting an undeniable humanity and spirit to each piece that defies serial classification. The gesture, impasto paint application, and the rawness of the materials unite the different pieces into a totality of color, symbolism and shape.


Liz Curtin

On the Wall, the Gallery’s ongoing and rotating public art installation, will feature Liz Curtin. In this ongoing series of circles, Curtin explores the relationship of one circular shape to the other, large to small, circle to ground, and ground to circle. Lines dissect and interweave to create new patterns to explore. In her installation, Curtin explores the symbol of the circle: as the constant of wholeness, unity and completion representing the cycle of life.