Scott Geyer

Scott Geyer was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Port Washington, New York. He graduated from Franklin College with a BFA, though his collegiate life also included football and baseball, a great release from creative struggles.  After college Geyer moved to NYC to continue in his practice where he joined The Arts Students League studying under Hughie Lee-Smith and attended the New York Studio School, studying with Paul Georges.

Scott Geyer creates realistic still life oil paintings of objects he finds on his extensive walks throughout New York City, from Locks and Chains, Torn Posters, Twisted Metal, and more. The series of Locks and Chains featured at Carter Burden Gallery unite contrasting light and shadow with complimentary colors into compelling compositions. Geyer’s detailed, close up depictions of weatherworn metal that people use to keep themselves, their property, and the city safe are objects that can represent both security and servitude. Geyer states, “My wish is that the viewer examines my paintings with their imagination and their experiences and then walk away with a new way of looking at the objects/images in the city.”  

Geyer has exhibited his paintings at a number of galleries and museums including: Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, OH; TNC Gallery in the East Village, NYC; Jan Larsen Art in Tribeca, NYC; Terrence Rogers Gallery in Los Angeles, CA; Edward Thorp Gallery in Chelsea, NYC; and more.



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October 18 - November 8, 2018
GUNS!...…LOCKS!......CHAINS!: Roz Dimon, Scott Geyer, and Jay Moss