Ruth Nicholson

Ruth Nicholson, b. 1955, in Key West FL is a sculptor, painter, jewelry maker and costume designer. Ruth worked under Phil Cote, renowned local sculptor for three years. While Ruth has taken classes at Mt. Wachusett Community College, the Fitchburg and Worcester Art Museums, she is primarily self-taught. During a long career in Human Services, Ruth has used her art to benefit many local non-profit agencies - creating pieces for fund-raising auctions, designing and building floats for "Relay for Life", creating team shirts to name a few. Ruth originally used art as a stress reliever, creative outlet and way to express herself. long before she had any thoughts of showing professionally.

 Her current series,  entitled "Saint Mary's Annual Talent Show" consists of fourteen pieces of work.  The design for the entire collection began with experimenting with paper towel and toilet paper cores. The finishing touches are largely created from recycled materials including soda bottle caps, TV dinner trays, matchstick boxes and more. She has taken items generally thought of as "trash" and re-purposed them into this unique collection. 

In this collection, Ruth has returned to her roots in more than one way. She began her interest in art as a child. When taking out the trash, Ruth had a keen eye for selecting items that could be saved and used to create works of art. In "Saint Mary's Annual Talent Show", she has elevated using recycled materials to a much more sophisticated level to create these expressive pieces. This series is also drawn from memories of Ruth's actual participation in Saint Mary's Talent Show in Branford, CT at age 15. The works are loosely based on school mates and other people from Ruth's early life.