October 24 to November 27, 2013

Solomon Ethe: Significant Form/Significant Space
Suejin Jo: Tide Paintings
John Beardman: On the Wall

Solomon Ethe

Solomon Ethe utilizes the medium of paint as a conduit of expression, exploring the possibilities inherent in form, color and space. Eschewing the representational or referential, Ethe embraces his medium with adroit skill and undeniable intuition. His canvases, rich in depth and palette, engage the viewer to join him as an equal and active participant in his expressive journey. 


Suejin Jo

In her Tide Paintings, Suejin Jo transforms her interest in water and the tide into masterpieces of texture and color. In these non-representational pieces, the artist employs a technique using both oil and acrylic paints to create highly textured and saturated works. The result is a feast for the viewer’s senses as they experience the work on several levels.


John Beardman

On the Wall, featured John Beardman's installation revisiting old work with a fresh eye, reconnecting with and transforming it through incorporation of new pieces and overpainting.  Beardman’s resulting piece will shift the viewer’s experience from one of detail experienced in individual pieces to a vista emerging from the installation.