October 11 to November 1, 2012

Lindsay, Hilda O'Connell, Jean Promutico: Un-Themed


Lindsay’s “City Folk Art” paintings give a glimpse of the Soho street scenes encountered on the way to the park, the N train, the diner. They are peopled with the faces and activities of everyday life. The paintings are a kind of theater; not a re-creation of life but a new world inspired by the events, the actions and the captured moments. In this case, the reality is the painting.

Hilda O'Connell

Hilda O’Connell’s large canvases illuminate her interests in semiotics and the three Abrahamic religions. Through her explorations, language is fragmented into clusters of letters, numbers and improvised scribbles, creating new shapes and layers of images. O’Connells’s paintings engage the viewer in the same way an archeological dig makes one wonder about the meaning of the objects and the decoding of the language…its an exploration with meaningful consequences.

Jean Promutico

Jean Promutico’s “scroll paintings” combine creativity and skill, drawing in the viewer and leaving them with a sense of profound satisfaction. She is a colorist of unusual ability and the subtle and skilled application of paint on the un-stretched canvas evokes the beautiful fragility of an ancient manuscript or the value of a medieval tapestry. Promutico eschews a strict viewpoint in the creation of her work, but rather embraces an openness in her exploration of the creative process and available materials.