November 13 to December 4, 2014

Thomas McAnulty: Recent Works
Hedy O'Beil: Recent Paintings
David Cerulli: On the Wall

Thomas McAnulty

Thomas McAnulty’s first solo show at the gallery will feature works in a variety of media and techniques, including sculpture, relief, drawing and painting. McAnulty’s  interest in the act of looking, particularly at simple and everyday objects, and the desire to clarify the subtle and complex relationship between that which we habitually overlook yet with which we are deeply connected, unifies the divergent media into a consistent reflection on the epic and the everyday. Emphasizing the archetypal qualities of his subjects, whether a larger than life plaster chair or a masterful charcoal drawing of a simple table, the viewer is led to reconsider the beauty and importance of the objects so often overlooked or dismissed.


Hedy O'Beil

In Hedy O’Beil’s show will feature some of most recent paintings. Her gestural abstraction and unique signature palette that makes adroit use of rich pinks, blues, and yellows layered in perfect harmony with ethereal grays and translucent whites, seamlessly integrate movement and energy with soothing color and layering. Her work is a study in the tension between control and unbridled exuberance, as if watching an improvised jazz masterpiece unfold before your eyes.


On the Wall, the Gallery’s ongoing and rotating public art installation, will feature Carter Burden Gallery veteran David Cerulli. Cerulli has photographed two of his paintings that are 36 by 36 inches, and stretched the high resolution photographs horizontally in Photoshop to produce two prints, each sized at 36 by 169 inches. Stretching the image only in the horizontal dimension creates a completely different visual experience for the viewer while still retaining the essence of the original painting. By using the technology available to artists today to modify existing paintings, new works were created that have the potential to challenge us in ways nearly impossible with more traditional materials and methods.