Edward Fausty

Edward Fausty, b. 1954, is a photographer and printmaker specializing in collotype and digital pigment printing on fine papers. A graduate of the Yale MFA program and The Cooper Union School of Art, he recently finished an artist teaching residency at Princeton University Lewis Center for the Arts.

In his series Next Frontier: the land and the night sky, Fausty explores his fascination with the night, and how the presence of stars transforms it; how the stars seem to imply a greater vastness of space, putting our planet and our lives into their proper context as very small parts of a very large unknown: we are a small island in a great sea. He capitalizes on the ability of the digital sensor to see into the deepest obscurities and illuminated areas in a way that feels true. Stars pop out of the darkness in their varying colors, moonlight fills the night with the bluish tint of skylight, while light from homes and streets creates its own familiar ambience. In the past, it was only the skilled painter who could render in this way. In addition to the control digital processing offers, digital pigment printing has allowed the artist to strengthen the bridge of ink between disparate art disciplines, resulting in his mesmerizing, hyper-real imagery.

In addition to receiving of a number of awards, Fausty has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally, including at the Brooklyn Museum and The World Theatre Festival in France. His work is represented in such collections as The George Eastman House, The U.S. Library of Congress, and Yale University.

Website: edwardfausty.com


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