May 31 - June 21, 2018

A Shared Interest:
Harriet FeBland • Reidunn Fraas • Dora Frost • Nancy Staub Laughlin • Robert Petrick• Lester Rapaport • Regina Silvers • Carl Stark • Margie Steinmann • Lilyan Stern

On the Wall: Adrianne Lobel


A Shared Interest

A Shared Interest features ten different interpretations on how artists working in a variety of styles and mediums create works with powerful compositions, colors, and surfaces. Artists include Harriet FeBland, Reidunn Fraas, Dora Frost, Nancy Staub Laughlin, Robert Petrick, Lester Rapaport, Regina Silvers, Carl Stark, Margie Steinmann, and Lilyan SternStern’s strikingly complex paintings arose from her captivation with 20thcentury Geometric Abstract painters’ ability to reduce form to the underlying spirituality of nature, its essence of mystical energy and their ability to create optical effects and illusion. Inspired by her Catskill Mountain hikes, Regina Silvers states about her series Stream Rocks, “Retaining the essential forms of the subject matter, I heighten the colors, narrow the focus, and strengthen the dynamics to encourage viewers to share my experience, and value the “ordinary” beauty of our environment - while we still have it”. Also inspired by nature, Nancy Staub Laughlin’s work is dynamic, layered, juxtaposing assemblages that allow the viewer to enter her world of color, light, dimension and beauty from a different perspective. 


Adrianne Lobel

In On the Wall, Adrianne Lobel presents a large-scale, dramatic, and colorful painting of Mobile Homes from her current series. Painting seemingly banal subject matter, she finds beauty in places and things that might usually go unnoticed. Lobel states, “The unbeautiful is as singular to life as anything commonly recognized as beautiful or meaningful. I try to transform these subjects into something that everyone can appreciate.”


Installation Views