May 30 to July 3, 2013

Jonathan Bauch: Personal Manufacturing
Mitch Lewis: Connections
Carol Massa: On the Wall

Jonathan Bauch

The East Gallery space featured the recent sculpture of Jonathan Bauch in his second solo show with the gallery, Personal Manufacturing. Bauch adroitly manipulates welding technology, transforming the hard steel he starts with into the delicate organic forms of his sculpture. In taming the hard steel substance, the industrial quality of the medium is tempered by the indelible mark of the human hand in the work, visible in both monumental floor sculptures and smaller, intimate wall pieces. The resulting pieces seem to defy their material, exhibiting lacy and animate qualities that engage the viewer in a visual dance, following the shapes and curves as they undulate through the work.


Mitch Lewis

The West Gallery space featured the mixed media work of Mitch Lewis in his first solo show with the gallery, Connections. Lewis explores human sensuality and the relationship between men, women and the environment, using vivid color, motifs and shapes that have played a part in his personal and artistic history. The work exhibits an almost hieroglyphic quality, at once inviting and frustrating the viewer to try and decipher its personal message.


Carol Massa

The inaugural On the Wall installation featured the work of artist Carol Massa. In her installation, Massa will explore the concept of “reflection…revision…and renewal” through the integration of existing and new drawings into a large assemblage piece.