June 26 to July 17, 2014

Bill Richards: Streamed Space Paintings
Flo Fox and Len Speier: Disco Ball
Marilyn Sontag: On the Wall

Bill Richards

In his first solo show at the Carter Burden Gallery, Bill Richards’ poured paintings frame and interlace space with streams and flowing masses of pure color, giving the impression of simultaneous occurrence. His process results in misdirected colors while maintaining the color autonomy of convergent wet paint. Donald Kuspit describes Richards’ paintings as “gestural, dramatic, majestic:  the ‘gestures’ are grand and bold, their interaction seemingly confused yet oddly coherent—they seem to converge and diverge simultaneously, forming a kind of fluid Gordian knot that seems to unravel as it is tied—and their colors are fresh and luminous.”  


Flo Fox

Disco Ball featured photographs of Flo Fox and Len Speier capturing the wild, frenetic, and sometimes gritty, days and nights of disco. Through their images, viewers are transported to a time of Warhol, nightclubs and unfettered revelry.

Len Speier


Marilyn Sontag

For her On the Wall installation, Marilyn Sontag will explore aesthetic contrasts and complements. Her improvised environment will utilize planned and unplanned elements, including cut and torn shapes of paper spiraling and curling against panels of color. The resulting environment will capture the illusion of movement and ethereal lightness.