Judy Glasser

After receiving her graduate degree in ceramics from Columbia University, Judy Glasser traveled to West Africa, Japan, Latin America, and the former Yugoslavia. Her interest was in studying traditional arts. These experiences, including her interest in folk and regional dancing, have strongly shaped her work.

Judy Glasser worked primarily with clay for over thirty years. She currently works with constructed wood. Glasser’s organic albeit geometric sculptures are monochromatic disparate pieces of cut wood. The artist reassembles the shapes of wood from work that was previously taken apart. The evidence of the original configurations is visible in the scars, rips, and gouges on the wood that resulted from prying off the glued and nailed shapes. Glasser states that the “marks retained the outlines of the original composition. The outlines became a secondary composition within the paintings.”

Her ceramic work was shown nationally in galleries and museum shows. In 2008, Glasser went back to art school to study painting and mixed media. She recently completed studies at the Art Students League, the School of Visual Arts, and 3rd Ward. She received the Nessa Cohen Grant in 2008.

Website: www.judyglasserstudio.com


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January 7 - 28, 2016
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