Jay Moss

Born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1923 to immigrant parents, Jay Moss attended the High School of Industrial Art (later the High School of Art and Design), where he studied graphic arts, three-dimensional design, display and studio drawing. Moss was drafted into the army in 1943, where his unit, the 36th Engineer Regiment, participated key campaigns in Italy, France, and Germany. After returning from World War II to New York City he attended the Art Students League for three-and-a-half years as a benefit of the GI Bill, studying under Jose de Creeft, Morris Kantor and M. Peter Piening.

Jay Moss presents detailed sculptures influenced by social issues, war, and peace. Moss explains that,  “Much of my work here is influenced by my experience in World War II. How can it not? But in addition to social commentary, I focus on, and ravish, the unexpected, the beauty and intensity that virtually surrounds us on our diverse planet.” The sculptures satirize his surroundings and instigate wonder, curiosity, and sometimes shock. Moss has worked both figuratively and abstractly, creating forms with a saw and chisel in a variety of woods that he then assembles with other materials, including lead, metal and cloth. 

Moss has had successful careers including head of NBC television’s art department, owner and designer of a decorative mirror fabrication company, design consultant, lighting product designer, and teacher at Parsons School of Design and RCA Institute; all the while he continued his artistic practice, sculpting in his home studio. His solo exhibitions have been included at Manhattan College in 2014, the Historic Wells Gallery in Lenox, MA, in 2001, and most recently at The Derfner Judaica Museum in Riverdale, NY.  




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October 18 - November 8, 2018
GUNS!...…LOCKS!......CHAINS!: Roz Dimon, Scott Geyer, and Jay Moss