January 26 to February 24, 2012

Sheila Schwid: Reflections on 14th 

Sheila Schwid

Schwid’s solo exhibition, “Reflections on 14th Street,” which runs at Gallery 307 from January 26th through February 24th, will showcase six new paintings inspired by photographs she took while passing 14th Street on a bus.

“There I was on the bus on 14th Street, looking out the window.  The people were in a hurry, the signs on the buildings were everywhere, the window displays were bright and the people, both old and young, were walking. Some were slightly worried, some were distracted, some were just alone with no where to go.  I noticed that the bus windows, truck windows and display windows were catching the light in a certain way so that they were sending their images back and forth like a crazy ping pong game, so I took some pictures. When I got home and looked at the pictures and reflections of light, I realized this craziness could be a metaphor for the consciousness of the people.  I got excited about pictures and so I did this series of paintings, Reflections on 14th Street.”