February 13 to March 6, 2014

5 X 5 X 100
Lynn Gall: Recent Work

5 X 5 X 100: Arnold Wechsler, Azita Ghafouri, Joan MellonJohn BeardmanLiz CurtinMarilyn Sontag, Marlena Vaccaro, Pasquale Cuppari & Robert Ludwig

In the gallery’s first concept show, 5x5x100, ten artists were asked to create 100 five inch by five inch individual artworks to be assembled into one larger work, that when completed, compose one cohesive piece. With this unique concept in mind, each artist’s interpretation yielded intriguing results. Viewers will be mesmerized by the discipline and foresight each imbued in each 5” x 5” piece. Each segment resonates with its own power and beauty, yet is a piece of a greater whole.


Lynn Gall

Lynn Gall’s first solo show at the Carter Burden Gallery consists of pieces that reflect her life long interest in archeology, and the place artistic endeavor and relevance played in primitive society. Gall has identified five of the most basic symbols used across time and place, and repeatedly recreated them in lush pieces with layers of paint, paper, rubbings, collage and stitching. Drawing on the personal, cultural and universal associations of these symbols, she added her own personal memories and marks to create work that is simultaneously fascinating and replete with aesthetic joy.