Eveline Luppi

Eveline Luppi is a painter who aims to create work that is “highly emotional and emblematic of the complexities of contemporary life.” She works with a limited palette and blends white with selected colors to reveal a “subtle gradation of color that flows effortlessly from light to dark.” The artist feels that her minimalist approach, coupled with architectural and geometric abstraction, results in paintings that evoke a calm, Zen-like feeling in the viewer. Luppi is largely influenced by Dutch neo-plasticism, Russian constructivism, and Islamic art.

White Sands Revisited, the artist’s most recent monochromatic series, evolved from an earlier series she created for a solo show in the artist colony in Provincetown, MA. The works are a reflection of Luppi’s visits to the Atlantic shoreline of Cape Cod, specifically the dunes and beaches of Provincetown and the National Seashore. Luppi feels the pieces are reminiscent of “peaceful times spent on the beaches” and of “subtle patterns and markings of the white sands” she observed while walking along the seashore.

Eveline Luppi has instructed abstract painting at the Providence Art Club and the Newport Art Museum Coleman Center in Newport, RI. She has exhibited in New York, the Hamptons, and New England, including at the Sideshow Gallery in New York City and the Maxwell Mays Gallery in Rhode Island. She received the Felicia Meyers Scholarship Award from the Art Students League in New York City and the Banigan Sullivan Award from the Providence Art Club in Rhode Island.

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January 5 - 26, 2017                                                                                                                                                                Pathways

July 28, 2016
8 x 8 x 100