December 19, 2013 to January 23, 2014

Carol Massa: Mixed Bag
Susan Skoorka: It's What You See
Sara Petitt: On the Wall

Carol Massa

In Mixed Bag, Carol Massa translates her earlier career as a printmaker to canvas by way of abstract expressionism. Her integration of movement and stillness, color and texture reflect her personal journey and a focus on joining opposing forces. In both her paintings and sculptures, the work draws inspiration from nature, dance and music, vibrating with freedom and spontaneity at the rhythmic hand of the artist. 


Susan Skoorka

In It’s What You See, Susan Skoorka’s botanical illustrations and cut-paper pieces belie a love and an eye for detail and beauty. Her technical ability to achieve immaculate detail and precision is balanced by the delicate qualities of her work. Skoorka’s translation and interpretation of the natural world in her prints and cut paper pieces are delights for the eye, certain to draw in any viewer.


Sara Petitt

On the Wall, featured Sara Petitt installation De Constructed Calendar. Petitt draws upon imagery from her recent trip to China, translating her experiences into digitally collaged silk scrolls. These scrolls integrate visual and written reactions to her travels, often responding to the frenzied approach to commerce and the prevalence of inexpensive disposable goods she encountered. The installation engages the viewer in a voyage that is simultaneously aesthetically and conceptually pleasing and challenging.