June 28 - July 19, 2018

On the Way: Judy Richardson and Karin Bruckner

On the Wall: Cassandra Jennings Hall

nextactART: Nine by Nine

Opening reception: Thursday, June 28, 2018, 6 - 8 PM


Karin Bruckner

In the exhibition On the WayKarin Bruckner presents two new monoprints that straddle the lines between printmaking, drawing, painting, and collage.  Printmaking became a focus in Bruckner’s work in 2006; she found the medium a congenial way of creating art given her professional background in architecture.  Its unique combination of creative flow and process requires a structured, sequenced way of thinking in layers, shapes, and colors not unlike architectural plans. Over the years, constant experimentation propelled Bruckner’s monoprints into a painterly direction, incorporating paper lithography, etching, collagraph, chine collé, and viscosity techniques to achieve complexly layered visual landscapes of considerable depth.  


Judy Richardson

In her first exhibition with Carter Burden Gallery, Judy Richardsonpresents sculptures that are built, assembled, and cast with familiar materials like wood, wire, metal, wax, and cloth. Her work is composed of elements that speak of the wonders of the everyday and depicts her interest in objects that have been used by people. Taking objects apart, keeping the most emblematic detail of those objects, using those parts as raw material, and reconstructing them into something new is how Richardson creates pieces that take on a theatrical, prop-like character that have their own narrative. The works become statements about political situations, emotional forces, and human follies and obsessions. Richardson states, “I work with urgency and humor, and feel that the intensity of our lives is shown in the things we make because we have to and need to make them. I believe in the mark of the human hand, and the beauty of human error.”


nextactART: Nine by Nine

Nine by Nine features nine works by nine mixed media artists who are members of the group nextactART. The group functions by its members inspiring and energizing one another through discourse, the motivation to keep creating work, building community, showcasing their work, and gaining recognition. The artists include Barbara Brier, Rena Diana, Ronnie Grill, Judy Kaplan, Madeline Farr, Madlyn Goldman, Patricia Miller, Stephanie Suskin, and Sheila Wolper. Barbara Brier’s series “Building Perspectives” studies and celebrates how buildings fit the spaces and places they occupy. Using original photographs that have been digitally manipulated, printed on vellum, manually collaged and augmented with assorted papers, paints and inks, Brier looks at the large and small details of the cities she loves to visit and photograph. In the series “Games People Play” artist Sheila Wolper utilizes vintage game boards, found and personal photographs, and children’s puzzles to reveal the psychological and sexual games played by adults. In contrast to the games children play for learning and socialization, many men and women use games of seduction, manipulation, power and control in the workplace and in their personal lives; Wolper’s timely work is a commentary on the relationships in our society. 


Cassandra Jennings Hall

Cassandra Jennings Hall presents mixed media abstract paintings brimming with color and texture for On the Wall. Inspired by a love of color Jennings Hall adds one color on top of another, layering white pigment in between to create a texturally and vividly complex surface, where brushstrokes create both rhythm and movement across the canvas. She states, “Layering creates mystery in the painting, as the viewer searches the depths of the work the prize is slowly revealed.”

Installation Views