April 25 - May 22, 2019


Stephen Cimini - Fukuko Harris - Helen Iranyi - Suejin Jo - Susan Lisbin 

Margo Mead - Kiyoshi Otsuka - Simon Rigg - Mitchell Rosenzweig

Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz - Hanna Seiman

To the MuseMyrna Burks

On the WallSue Dean


Carter Burden Gallery presents three new exhibitions: Uncontrollable in the East Gallery featuring eleven gallery artists; To the Muse featuring Myrna Burks; and On the Wall featuring Sue Dean. The reception will be held April 25th, 2019 from 6 - 8 p.m. The exhibition runs from April 25th through May 22nd, at 548 West 28th Street in New York City. The gallery hours are Tuesday - Friday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. 



Uncontrollable highlights the work of eleven abstract artists who were invited to present sculptures and paintings, all with an extraordinary use of intense color and technique. Artists include Stephen CiminiFukuko HarrisHelen IranyiSuejin JoSusan Lisbin, Margo MeadKiyoshi OtsukaSimon Rigg, Mitchell RosenzweigJennifer Woolcock Schwartz, and Hanna Seiman

Throughout his career Simon Rigg has predominately focused on the metaphor of home as refuge and has been strongly influenced by indigenous architecture and forms built from what the land offers world cultures. His exceptional ceramic works appear impossibly constructed with an array of porcelain rods entangled and bound together with string, almost nest like. Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz’s meticulously crafted oil painting on linen Pink Clash is from her series Cross Current, which loosely conveys her impression of New York City, its vibrancy, mix of different nationalities, ethnicities, languages, and urges; all of them crossing, clashing, mixing, and flowing in one direction or another. She writes, “My goal is to present a purely visual space in which color and line create an illusion of movement that envelops the viewer, eliciting a visceral response.” On another end of the spectrum is the luminous painting Blunderby Hanna Seiman. Paying homage to abstract expressionism and color field painting, Seiman’s use of pigment flows and blends across the canvas in fluid motion, building up and receding in areas, creating moments of light and depth. 


Myrna Burks

In To the MuseMyrna Burks presents her second solo show at Carter Burden Gallery. The body of monoprints that are featured in the exhibition were created in the Spring of 2016 and inspired by the Japanese Yatsuro papers in which they are printed on. Long and vertical, each luscious print was made on an etching press with collage shapes by direct rolling or brushing of the plexiglass plate. Often there is a ghost image left on the plate after the first print, which then propels the next print into being. Burks writes, “Some artwork seems to make itself and when that happens be grateful to the muse.”


Sue Dean

On the Wall features the installation PROMISE by Sue Dean. Over 120 million street children and disadvantaged tribal children live throughout the world, including America. The installation created by Dean honors them and is inspired by the children she has known and seen during decades of solo travel and living in other lands. During those travels Dean gathered scraps, rust, and discarded odds and ends; she then stitched and drew, painted and glued to create this revealing installation. Dean states, “PROMISEis an invitation to help impoverished children, to share with them, each in our own way. Young people deserve health, safety, education, and equality. Each child is valuable. Each can contribute to world peace.”


Installation Views