Dora Frost

Dora Frost was born in Manhattan, New York in 1951 and studied at the Parsons School of Design from 1969 to 1973. For the last three decades, Frost has created paintings, collages, and installations, born of literary imagery and nineteenth and twentieth century romanticism. 

Frost is unpriced by subject matter from Marcel Proust to Freddie Mercury and infuses it with her own twist producing a fanciful and magical world. When speaking about her passion for art-making, Frost states that it is "an inquiry into the nature of reality". Her works is based in recurring interests in "illustration of the written word or of interior kingdoms" and "painting and drawing from life."

Dora Frost has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and can be found in the collections of major collectors of the Twentieth century. Her recent solo exhibitions include "Men of The Twentieth Century" at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach, FL, "X Contemporary Art Fair, Pamela Willoughby" at Art Miami Basel, FL, and "Peonies" at Gallery 20/20 in New York, NY. 




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May 31 - June 21, 2018
A Shared Interest